Issue: I Have Very Narrow Feet And I Would Love To Find A Way To Wear Stylish Shoes That Start Out Too Wide.

Solution: It’s all about customizing your shoe to fit your unique foot! Heavenly Heelz can be placed anywhere inside your shoe. Doubling up will take up more space. If your heels are narrow, use two pairs of  Heavenly Heelz, layering one right on top of the other to keep your heels snug inside your shoes. If your forefoot is too narrow, add a  Tip Toe or  Killer Kushionz—or both! You can even add a Foot Petals cushion above your foot, on the vamp area of your shoes (the vamp is the area of the shoe that touches the top of your foot). Lastly, you can add  Amazing Arches to enhance.

We Recommend These

  1. Heavenly Heelz Cushion
    Heavenly Heelz Cushion
  2. Killer Kushionz Insole
    Killer Kushionz Insole
  3. Tip Toes Cushioned Ball of Foot Insert
    Tip Toes Cushioned Ball of Foot Insert
  4. Amazing Arches Insole
    Amazing Arches Insole