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The Foot Petals Products definitely extended the wear of my shoes and I couldn't of made it the entire day on my feet without them.

Paula Holland, San Jose, CA

Silly me, I wear 9½ , have a narrow foot, and love sexy, strappy shoes. I have made many buying boo-boo's over the years and couldn't understand why someone with narrow feet couldn't find a strappy pair of shoes that truly fit. Thank you to Foot Petals for such wonderful products. Products that will always be a part of my shoe collection, you have a customer for life.

Peggy Smith Dobbs, PA

You've rescued my feet on Lexington Ave near Bloomingdales.

Yassi, Downtown LA Fashion Week

These fabulous products enhance comfort and fit for our shoes, as well as being fashionable and eye appealing. We recommend Foot Petals products with each and every sale.

Robin Anderson,
Shoooz, Footwear buyer

Foot Petals are a stylish, yet invisible solution that allows women to wear their favorite heels all day long. The comfort factor along with the color options makes them consistently sell out in our retail stores.

Joelle Malka,
David, Retail Operations Director

Suggest any of these feet savers and it's a guaranteed sale. Customers can't resist keeping their feet happy.

My Glass Slipper,

I simply had to take the time to write and tell you something I'm sure you already know: how phenomenal your product is.

I've been using the Tip Toes in just about every pair of shoes I own for about a year, but recently upgraded to the Killer Kushions in a last-ditch effort to make an unwearable (but nonetheless completely incredible) pair of boots tolerable. For the first time since buying them over a year ago, I am trotting around in these boots without wincing.

I was a staunch supporter of Foot Petals before, but the Killer Kushions have taken my love to a new level! Thank you, Foot Petals, for creating a product women can truly stand behind...and on!

Meredith Regan
Chicago, IL