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Foot Petals shoe cushions help you wear the shoes you love!

Our Story

Everyone knows that high heels can be painful to wear. And for some women, even flat shoes have their challenges. Orthopedic shoe inserts can help with foot problems—but what about SHOE problems?

Our founder, Tina Aldatz, combined her love of fashion with her determination to find a solution to common comfort and fit issues. A high-performance urethane called PORON® (used by NASA!) had all the right properties: it repelled moisture, bacteria, and odor, and was resilient enough to offer long- lasting shock absorption.

The first Foot Petals product was Tip Toes—our cushions for the ball-of-foot area. Since then, other products have been developed to help with slipping heels, lack of arch support, sore spots and other shoe and fit issues. Today Foot Petals offers a second technology, called Technogel®, and many unique products and kits that help women wear the shoes they love.

Foot Petals allow women to be comfortable and confident, so they feel sexy in every pair of shoes. Always designed with feminine flair and a keen sense of style, Foot Petals have been endorsed by not only the American Podiatric Medical Association, but by the fashion industry.

The Foot Petals story is still unfolding, so please join us as we grow! Follow us on your favorite social media channel.

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