New Shoe Essentials Kit

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Breaking in new shoes doesn't have to be a pain. Back of heel cushions ensure a better fit for your favorite styles, while ball of foot cushions keep your feet from sliding forward and provide must-have shock absorption. Spot dot cushions offer custom comfort wherever you need it, and blister preventers make the breaking-in process as pleasant as possible. Finally, finish things off with our Water & Stain Repellent to keep those shoes looking brand new!
  • Includes one pair of Back of Heel Cushions, one pair of Ball of Foot Cushions, one Blister Preventer, one set of Spot Dot Cushions, and one 6 oz. Water & Stain Repellent
  • Back of Heel Cushions: fix shoe fit issues and prevents heels from slipping out of shoes
  • Ball of Foot Cushions: keeps feet from sliding forward and absorbs shock
  • Blister Preventer: forms invisible barrier to reduce rubbing and irritation
  • Spot Dot Cushions: cushions trouble spots in shoes and helps reduce rubbing
  • Water & Stain Repellent: creates impermeable layer against dirt, water, and stains

About the technology: PORON® provides superior shock absorption that never goes flat. This lightweight, breathable material keeps your feet cool, dry, and comfortable with every step.