Glam Kit

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Your feet deserve to be pampered in those eye-catching looks! Gel insoles offer reliable coverage from your heel to the ball of your foot; they're a must to keep your feet from sliding forward. No-slip grips provide extra traction on slick surfaces, and spot dot cushions provide custom comfort wherever you need it. Finally, finish off with our innovative blister preventer to help guard against annoying aches and pains!
  • Includes one pair of 3/4 Gel Insoles, two pairs of No-Slip Grips, one set of six Gel Spot Dot Cushions and one Blister Preventer
  • 3/4 Gel Insoles: keeps feet from sliding forward and provides shock absorption from heel to ball of foot
  • No-Slip Grips: provides extra traction and support to keep your shoes from sliding
  • Gel Spot Dot Cushions: cushions trouble spots in shoes and helps reduce rubbing
  • Blister Preventer: forms invisible barrier to reduce rubbing and irritation

About the technology: TechnogelĀ® is a patented revolutionary gel like no other. Its 3-dimensional shock absorption reduces stress on pressure points to provide superior comfort with every step. These virtually invisible cushions contour to your feet and provide long-lasting cushioning that never goes flat...guaranteed!