Girl on the Go Kit

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You're always ready for everything u2014 so your feet should be, too. Ball of foot cushions keep your feet from sliding forward and reduce discomfort, while gel heel cups feature contoured designs to help support your stride. Sneaker deodorizers help your shoes and bags stay fresh with ease. And, best of all, the combo of our innovative blister healer bandages and blister preventer balm ensures painful rubbing is a thing of the past.
  • Includes one pair of Ball of Foot Cushions, one pair of Gel Heel Cups with Softspots, two Sneaker Deodorizers, one Blister Preventer, and one set of six Blister Healers
  • Ball of Foot Cushions: keeps feet from sliding forward and absorbs shock
  • Gel Heel Cups with Softspots: relieves pressure and helps support foot
  • Blister Preventer: forms invisible barrier to reduce rubbing and irritation
  • Blister Healers: provides instant pain relief and helps heal existing blisters
  • Sneaker Deodorizers: powerful odor blocker; leaves fresh clean scent in in any hard-to-reach areas

About the technology: PORON® provides superior shock absorption that never goes flat. This lightweight, breathable material keeps your feet cool, dry, and comfortable with every step.

Technogel® is a patented, revolutionary gel like no other. Its 3-dimensial shock absorption reduces stress on pressure points to provide superior comfort with every step. These virtually invisible cushions contour to your feet and provide long lasting cushioning that never goes flat…guaranteed!

Hydrocolloid dressing offers a breathable, easy-to-use, and comfortable way to quickly heal irritations. Designed to create the perfect environment for recovery, they're a must for set-it-and-forget-it fixes.