Bridal Insole Set

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Down the aisle and onto the dance floor, this do-it-all kit is a must-have for big heels and big days. Killer Kushionz® offer full, shock-absorbing support for your favorite looks. Heavenly Heelz® cut down on blisters and help solve fit issues. Complete your collection with Sole Stopperz®, innovative skid-resistant stick-ons designed for a safe strut!
  • Includes one pair of Killer Kushionz®, one pair of Heavenly Heelz®, and one pair of Sole Stopperz®
  • Killer Kushionz® provides protection and reduces stress from heel to ball of foot
  • Heavenly Heelz® reduces blisters and keeps heels from slipping in and out of shoes
  • Sole Stopperz® adds extra tread and helps prevent slipping on slick surfaces
  • Adhesive on back is not recommended to remove and reuse
  • Made in the USA