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Flats vs. High Heels: How to fit properly?

Do the "double pinky test!" We have all bought cute flats only to find that they are almost more uncomfortable than high heels! Why? Your foot moves differently in flats. Flats allow your foot to fully spread out with each step. The arch is our natural, built-in spring (kind of like a built in shock absorber) and it absorbs 3-5 times our body weight with every step. To test this theory, sit down and trace your foot...then stand up and trace it. The difference is how much space you need inside your shoes. · Step #1 - When trying on flats, make sure that you can fit the tip of your pinky between the back of the shoe and your foot while sitting. That's how much space your toes will need to "spring forward." · Step #2 - Make sure that you can actually wiggle your toes inside the shoes. If your pinky toes is smashed, get a bigger size Comfort Tip: To prevent feet from sliding around in shoes and to absorb the shock from these fabulous but often thin little shoes, add Killer Kushionz to the bottom and Heavenly Heelz behind the heel to keep heels secure. Why does this happen? In high heels, your toes will not "grow or spread" with each step because your foot will stretch out at least one full size.

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Tip Toes
Buttercup Black Iris Silver Rose White Lily
tip toes
ball of foot cushion
Heavenly Heelz
Silver Rose Black Iris Buttercup
heavenly heelz
back of heel cushion
Amazing Arches
Black Iris Buttercup
amazing arches
arch cushion






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