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Customer Testimonials

You've rescued my feet on Lexington Ave near Bloomingdales.

-Yassi, Downtown LA Fashion Week

I am 58 years old and I discovered your Foot Petals by accident recently and am loving them. I have high arches, pes cavus, metarsalgia, and Morton's neuroma so wearing shoes and even walking a distance is challenging. When I turned 50 it was all down hill with my feet and I have worn ugly, uncomfortable, plastic and leather orthotics since 2001. I hate that I have to have a bunch of different kinds of orthotics and switch them from shoe to shoe and they never really feel right, not to mention they're a pain in sandals.

I have begun using your Amazing Arches (love these so much I cried) and Tip Toes and so far woohoo!!! I love that I can design the various Petals for a particular shoe and leave them in there for the life of the shoe. I am leaving for vacation this week and when I get back I will call to order them for all my shoes. These are also going to make wonderful gifts for all my Baby Boomer friends who have everything except Foot Petals.

Your product has made me so happy!


I have never sent in a testimonial before about ANY product; however, I am so thrilled with your product that I felt I should let you know.

On November 13, 1996, I had a foot surgery which resulted in my getting gangrene, losing a toe on my right foot, and left with excruciating pain due to residual nerve damage. To make a long story short, I was told I'd never be able to line dance again, or possibly even walk again. After 3 years of extensive physical therapy, acupuncture treatments, biofeedback, as well as going through pain management therapy for injections to my right foot (which I still do to this day), I never thought, in a million years, that I'd be able to wear dress shoes again.

Seriously--I have tried EVERY foot cushion product out there on the market today. I took a change (saw these Foot Petals of yours on QVC) and ordered them. I just received them yesterday. I was completely astonished that I was able to walk around in a pair of dress shoes (again--never thought I would be able to do that). I thought, "of course, they're comfortable while I'm walking on the carpeting, but what will happen when I walk on a hard surface?" I did just that, and I could NOT BELIEVE how comfortable my feet felt in my dress shoes. I'm so excited about your product that I've let my family members know about them. I will tell everyone I know about your product (since everybody who knows me knows that I, of all people, would know a fantastic product when I see it (or should I say--FEEL it), because of my foot problem. In fact, I brought a pair of Foot Petals with me to work today--because, at lunchtime, I'm going SHOE SHOPPING. For the past 12+ years, the only shoes I have been able to wear comfortably have been tennis shoes (that is, until I found Foot Petals). You have NO IDEA how much you have changed my life.

Anyhow, I just wanted to take the time to tell you THANK YOU for making such a wonderful product. It has already made such a difference in my life! Honestly you will never know just how grateful I am for these Foot Petals.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not EVER stop making these foot petals (as I know I, among many others, will be a loyal customer for life!).

Thank you so very much again!!!

Karen Albers
Owings Mills, MD

I simply had to take the time to write and tell you something I'm sure you already know: how phenomenal your product is.

I've been using the Tip Toes in just about every pair of shoes I own for about a year, but recently upgraded to the Killer Kushions in a last-ditch effort to make an unwearable (but nonetheless completely incredible) pair of boots tolerable. For the first time since buying them over a year ago, I am trotting around in these boots without wincing.

I was a staunch supporter of Foot Petals before, but the Killer Kushions have taken my love to a new level! Thank you, Foot Petals, for creating a product women can truly stand behind...and on!

Meredith Regan
Chicago, IL

To the creators of the best foot accessory... EVER! I just had to tell you how much I LOVE your product! Over the years I've tried many products from the pharmacy that claimed they'd allow you to wear those killer heels for many an hour... alas they just did not work. Then I read an article somewhere that mentioned Foot Petals and the awesome cushion that they provided especially when wearing heels. I found them at my local department store, put them in my heels and I loved them! I was able to wear a pair of killer high heels to a Christmas party last year and stood the whole evening without pain... THANK YOU! I am a convert!

I hate to admit it but I went to a Shoe Tradeshow and was given a bunch of free samples of this line of new foot accessories similar to Foot Petals, but they were all gel based. I thought hey, free samples, have to love that. Well, let me just tell you YUCK! I really strongly disliked the product, it didn't stay in place and for some reason the gel just didn't cut it, they were very uncomfortable on my feet. I would much rather pay a product I know ROCKS than use inferior free samples!

Thank you so very much for inventing these little pieces of heaven!

Kandice Kritz

Silly me, I wear 9½ , have a narrow foot, and love sexy, strappy shoes. I have made many buying boo-boo's over the years and couldn't understand why someone with narrow feet couldn't find a strappy pair of shoes that truly fit. Thank you to Foot Petals for such wonderful products. Products that will always be a part of my shoe collection, you have a customer for life.

Peggy Smith Dobbs, PA

The Foot Petals Products definitely extended the wear of my shoes and I couldn't of made it the entire day on my feet without them.

Paula Holland, San Jose, CA

These fabulous products enhance comfort and fit for our shoes, as well as being fashionable and eye appealing. We recommend Foot Petals products with each and every sale.

Robin Anderson,
Shoooz, Footwear buyer

Foot Petals are a stylish, yet invisible solution that allows women to wear their favorite heels all day long. The comfort factor along with the color options makes them consistently sell out in our retail stores.

Joelle Malka,
David, Retail Operations Director

Suggest any of these feet savers and it's a guaranteed sale. Customers can't resist keeping their feet happy.

My Glass Slipper,

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